In the lead up to COP26 and the International Conference for Hydrogen Safety, HSE Research and Consultancy is hosting a free webinar entitled ‘Hydrogen Safety – Achieving Safe Net Zero’.

On 29 July at 10.30 (BST) HSE’s experts will talk about their work demonstrating hydrogen’s potential to safely decarbonise and achieve net zero.

Hydrogen will clearly have a role as an energy vector to help meet net zero targets around the world.

HSE’s research and consultancy is helping to produce the evidence base to underpin the regulations, codes and standards required to enable a safe net zero.

HSE has worked in hydrogen safety since the early 2000s, understanding its use in transport and infrastructure applications.

Since then HSE scientists and engineers have published over 60 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers on hydrogen safety, contributing to past and current UK and international standards and enabling industry to safely deploy hydrogen technologies.

Says the HSE: “Whether you are interested in understanding the basics, or hearing about our work on novel applications in power, heat and transport, join us to learn how HSE’s science and research is helping society transit from small demonstration today, through to the full-scale deployment that will be required in the future.”

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