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Classroom-based training is no longer possible due to social-distancing requirements, but there is still a need for driver training. But, as Francis Boroczky founder of London-based ANET360 explains, there is another way…

Transport companies, retailers, and any other company that employs professional drivers have had to adapt quickly to the situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Customer demand for online deliveries is higher than ever, meaning that companies need to quickly hire and train new drivers. Think of the Sainsbury’s driver unloading your grocery delivery, or the Amazon driver knocking and leaving your toiletries outside your door.

Classrooms are shut, for the moment

Social distancing has meant that you cannot train these drivers in a classroom. Yet all of these drivers require training, so the ability to remotely hire and train new employees is critical.

This means it’s a good time to invest in a training platform that can engage drivers and provide a return on investment.

On the other hand, some companies may think that this is too complicated as they are not set up to handle the situation. It’s too much of a break for the norm. So, they do nothing and choose to wait until the situation improves.

We recommend an alternative approach that means you can meet customer demand, and you will be prepared should a second wave of the virus hit.

ANET360 not only allows you to train drivers remotely in a secure and measurable way, but it also provides an engaging and enjoyable learning experience that takes advantage of the latest technology.

Here are just some of the ways ANET360 can help.

Flexible learning

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has temporarily authorised trainers to deliver approved courses remotely, as there will not be any more classroom-based training until at least 21st June.

But this is not intended to be a permanent solution. That’s way ANET360’s flexible learning approach is so important.

While the solution’s digitalised driver identification and multi-factor authentication functionality mean you can safely and securely deliver remote training, we also blend this with traditional learning techniques, such as classroom-based training and workbooks.

Use the latest technologies

The underlying platform is crucial to the success of remote training.

You need to stay up-to-date with the latest training methods and the technology that support them, instead of relying on outdated methods.

ANET360 uses virtual reality and augmented reality to simulate driving scenarios that would be too dangerous to play out on the road.

The smartphone-based training means you can deliver an immersive and engaging experience remotely anytime, anywhere. We’re working on a unique way of integrating gamification into our driving training programme.

We provide these cutting-edge technologies products to companies that can’t create themselves, or that would cost too much to develop.

Meets industry standards

Remote training needs to adhere to the exact same standards as classroom- based training.

ANET360 is a JAUPT-approved training centre, so you can rest assured we meet industry standards.

One worry for trainers and fleet operators may be how effective remote training is, or whether drivers might try to cheat the system.

ANET’s digitalised driver identification solution uses computer vision to automatically identify drivers who are taking the training. Before the training starts, students have to take a picture of their driving licences, as well as a selfie, so the system can then identify that person.

Trainers and training providers can see exactly what drivers do or don’t do, whether they are carrying out the training remotely at home or in the office.

Our professional analytics also gives you the opportunity to learn more about your drivers, and having access to this insight means you can tie training back to ROI.

Find out more: www.anet360.com or contact [email protected] – to schedule a free demonstration.

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