Lunch with Leon episode 9 – Dave Joshua

Dave Joshua is the man who is going to ‘revolutionise the bus industry’. That’s quite a claim for this native of Gloucestershire who is now General Manager for Optibus in the UK and Europe.

With a background in data and software, he’s also a ‘newbie’ in the bus industry and brings with him clarity of thought that comes from standing outside of the wood, while the rest of us are in with the trees.

Chatting over lunch with Leon Daniels, he talks about the huge opportunity in front of us – but adds that a “level of bravery is required.”

“One the greatest things the bus industry needs to realise is the impact it can bring to the individual. But to make that change, it has to change itself.”

Dave Joshua says.

He argues that we need to alter the perception of the industry to treat it like a utility, not a ‘nice to have’.

“We need to change the bus industry so the next generation coming through, use it like brushing your teeth – they do it without thinking about it.”

At the moment, you need to know so much about transport before you use it, “a bit like an entrance exam,” observes Leon Daniels.

When we turn on a tap, water comes out. We don’t need to know who supplied it, what process it went through and what source it comes from.

So is it possible that transport can become as intuitive? You hold your hand out and it’s just there.

Well, that’s what optimisation and big data is about is about.

If you thought that this is all about straightforward bus scheduling, you’d be wrong. That’s like comparing a Sinclair ZX Spectrum with today’s latest laptops…

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