Flexibility is the new security norm

Aidan Bartlett ACIM

During my career, I have witnessed countless executives’ take the tried-and-tested approach to crucial business decisions – stick to the status quo, and there won’t be any questions.

That approach quickly came into question as we faced a global market shift due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly, the little things that seemed so reliable became some of the biggest challenges, like going into the office or even delivering a package.

Flexibility and transparency are core principles for our customers, their drivers and ARI; and this alignment has led to strong relationships with the fleets under our care.

These relationships have contributed to increased customer engagement and allowed us to have real, impactful conversations that have changed the way we think about fleet management and the industry as a whole.

As we navigate through this situation and learn to deal with the subsequent social distancing measures, flexibility has become even more critical. Suddenly your fleets, drivers, and fleet management professionals are being asked to completely revisit how they’ve always done business.

That includes working from home or remotely; upgrading offices, warehouses, worksites and garages to meet social distancing and sanitary requirements; cutting down on vehicle usage and driving; and even increasing fleet to ensure employees are not sharing a vehicle.

At ARI, I’ve had digital meetings with many customers to hear how they’re adjusting. Each customer carries unique problems and solutions, which we’ve worked with them to help resolve.

So, those processes and procedures we relied upon and that were deemed security measures are now the exact opposite. Which makes me wonder: is flexibility the new security?

Having to adjust to the rapidly changing business climate has become a necessity, but doing so in a way that is safe and secure can be a big challenge.

Our customers operate across a wide range of industries, and as leaders in them, they must be agile enough to continue providing their clients with goods and services, no matter what is going on in the world.

Being able to deliver on time and in a safe way without compromising your standards will always be the number one challenge; but what does that mean for the traditional way you operate your fleet?

You must review every aspect, and reshape the future of your fleet to develop a secure market for your industry that your customers can trust and rely upon, no matter what happens in the world.

Working with ARI, we will help you develop a roadmap that puts flexibility at the centre, including:

  • Delivery procedures
  • Driver sanitation and vehicle cleaning
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Purchasing and remarketing
  • Liquidity options

This roadmap will allow you to adapt as the market does, adjusting while remaining reliable and stable.

As we continue to look at what fleet mobility will look like in the more flexible and adjusting work environment, I’m pleased to announce that ARI has introduced FlexBack, a sale & leaseback solution for a new era that puts flexibility and transparency at the core.

ARI’s FlexBack gives you the power to release equity from your vehicles and invest that capital where your business needs it. It also means you can do this while retaining all the flexibility required without the concerns of penal end of contract charges.

It’s a revolutionary product, especially during times where companies need to remain agile. Through FlexBack, companies can build of stable capital, all while operating a fully functioning fleet – with flexibility being the new security.

I look forward to continuing to work with our customers to grow and develop this product, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Find out more about FlexBack and download a White Paper: www.arifleet.co.uk

About ARI

ARI, a Holman Enterprises company, is the largest family owned fleet management company in the world.

It delivers funding and fleet management services supported by technology, but people always come first.

ARI delivers a fully outsourced fleet management solution, with services including finance lease vehicle funding, maintenance and accident management, compliance and driver risk management and more, providing a complete end-to-end solution that has transparency and cost control at its heart.

Founded in 1948 by the Holman Automotive Group, with a global workforce of more than 2,700 people, managing in excess of 1.7 million vehicles and having offices in the UK, Germany, North America, Mexico and Canada, its global focus remains on family values with a passion for customer service and satisfaction.

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