Town centres, empty shops and transport: Positive change is possible

You might get the impression that every high street in every UK town is dying, if you read reports in mainstream media. But, as ever, the truth is more complex. Equally simple, are calls for governments to ‘do something’. This trend has been a long time coming and it started big time with the 1986 […]

What Page 28 tells us about the direction of travel

If you want an idea of what the ‘new normal’ for transport looks like, then take a look at the chart (reproduced below) on page 28 of a briefing published this week for MPs by the House of Commons Library. The Library is far from being a dusty archive, but a place full of resource […]

Down in the data mine, something stirs…

VIDEO CONTENT: The future, as far as transport is concerned, is all about four key areas: Energy – Data – Congestion – Disruptors. Generally speaking, organisations have loads of data and today, easily available methods to display it. Indeed, data mining – the process of extracting and discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods […]

Time for some clear facts on electric vehicles and infrastructure

When it comes to vehicle technology, for those not very closely involved in the detail nitty-gritty, the whole subject of low-emission and zero-emission can seem complex and unwieldy, especially if you are a vehicle operator. It’s not helped by reports in the general media that tend to pick on one area of concern and blow […]

‘What-about-ism’ needs to be addressed: China takes first step

China, the world’s biggest coal user, says that coal will play a “less dominant role” in its energy mix and despite plans to build new coal-fired power stations, the country won’t use it on a wide scale. Naturally, that’s good news for the climate, but it’s also good news for countries, mainly in the west, […]

A car-based recovery looms: Action is needed

People living in London are more likely to buy a car sooner than planned than in any other region of the UK directly as a result of Covid-19. That’s according to new figures from Close Brothers Motor Finance, showing that more than a fifth of Londoners – 21%– are now more likely to buy a […]

Hendy’s Report: Early insights into the direction of travel

This morning’s publication of Sir Peter Hendy’s Union Connectivity Review – Interim Report gives an early indication on emerging thinking. We’ve reported it here, along with the government’s view here and it gives some insights into the possible final conclusions. It also sets out the challenges and potential pitfalls of trying to predict the future […]

Small steps: Bigger picture

Three retailers, Morrisons, Waitrose and John Lewis, have met commitments to phase-out glitter from Christmas products due to the damage the microplastics can cause to the natural environment. Aldi and Tesco have both committed to removing glitter from products. Meanwhile, Electrolux has unveiled the first product range as part of a new ‘circular initiative’ with Stena Recycling: […]

For CSR read ESG: Why the alphabet soup will change your business

Corporate Social Responsibility – or CSR – is likely to be a familiar term for anyone working for a large business. But have you heard of ESG? ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance criteria – and is seen as core to the way today’s responsible businesses operate. That’s why many large companies are starting […]

How a potato-based snack holds up a mirror to reflect today’s society

What’s your favourite potato-based snack? If it’s Pringles, then you are unwittingly helping to destroy the planet. Okay, that’s rather direct but news, headlined Pringles tube tries to wake from ‘recycling nightmare’, sets out the problem. The cylindrical container has been condemned as a ‘recycler’s nightmare’ due to its complex construction with a metal base, […]