Goodyear to launch sustainable reality survey in Europe

Goodyear is announcing the Sustainable Reality Survey, inviting European transport and logistics companies to share their insights and contribute to more sustainable transportation. Key points: Goodyear is investigating key actions taken by road transportation companies tolower CO2 emissions and support sustainable transport objectives. Goodyear is planting a tree in collaboration with Tree-Nation to reward each […]

Scottish Government puts £1.1m into decarbonisation challenge funds

The Scottish Government is providing up to £1.1 million through two new decarbonisation challenge funds. This is possible thanks to a partnership approach with Scottish Enterprise, who are facilitating the process through their Can Do Innovation Challenge framework and competition. Through the Can Do competitions, £600,000 has been awarded to support innovation in charge point accessibility and to tackle […]

Leeds unveils ambitious air quality strategy to meet global standards by 2030

Senior councillors in Leeds will discuss ambitious proposals for a new strategy to save lives by meeting global standards for clean air next week. Leeds City Council says its proposed new air quality strategy leads the way in its ambition and scope—setting stricter targets than national standards and aiming to tackle emissions from homes, industry […]

EU publishes ‘Fit for 55’ decarbonisation plan

European Green Deal: Commission proposes transformation of EU economy and society to meet climate ambitions The European Commission has adopted a package of proposals to make the EU’s climate, energy, land use, transport and taxation policies fit for reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared with 1990 levels. The target is […]

Energy efficiency: Optifuel Lab 3 reduces fuel consumption by 12.5%

Renault Trucks has unveiled the results of Optifuel Lab 3. The manufacturer’s long-distance laboratory vehicle has recorded a 12.5% reduction in fuel consumption compared to a standard coupling.  This result was achieved by optimising the aerodynamics of the full convoy, powertrain and tyres, and by integrating predictive driving support and energy management functions. Renault Trucks […]

Green motoring milestone with 500,000 ultra-low emission vehicles now on UK roads

The UK is accelerating further towards a greener transport future, as stats released today (Wednesday, 5 May) reveal that over half-a-million ultra low emission vehicles are now being driven on roads across the country. Key points: Ultra low emission vehicles account for more than half-a-million cars on British roads, as more drivers make the switch […]

Patented emissions reduction system goes through testing process

Devon-based Ecomotus has revealed that it has been conducting trials on its patented emissions-reduction system. It has run trials at Leicestershire-based research and testing centre Horiba Mira (pictured). The results showed that soot particles from a 2015 Euro 5 Ford Transit were reduced to 0.002 ppm. Says Ecomotus Technical Design Director Jason Munro: “This means […]