Portable EV charging firm ZipCharge accelerates growth plans

London-headquartered ZipCharge, the portable EV charging expert, has today announced the appointment of global growth and investment specialists Mouve and Co.

The lightweight ZipCharge Go power bank is the size of a compact wheeled suitcase which can be charged at home or elsewhere using a standard domestic plug.

Using the retractable handle, users then wheel it to wherever they’ve parked their EV and plug it into the charging port ZipCharge Go provides up to 20 miles (32km) of range, providing sufficient range for the average daily commute (in UK/EU), in a little over 30 mins [Range calculated for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range based on the manufacturer stated usable battery capacity and official WLTP range. Range will depend on the vehicle, efficiency, driving style, route and driving condition]

This major milestone is a key step towards ZipCharge’s mission to democratise the ownership of electric vehicles mass producing its first product, the Go, the revolutionary portable EV charger that allows anyone to charge their electric vehicles anywhere they park

Mouve and Co. is a renowned leader in advising rapidly growing start-ups in the sustainability and mobility sectors on capital raises and growth strategies. It works closely with global automotive manufacturers and suppliers and will be able to assist ZipCharge with strategic alliances. Mouve will also explore opportunities for ZipCharge to play a role in the entire smart energy value chain and power management. The company is led by Jean-Francois Tremblay and Dr Rainer Scholz, who bring decades of experience from global leadership and advisory roles in the automotive and technology sectors.

Jonathan Carrier, ZipCharge co-founder “Our mission it to make EV ownership accessible for all, removing all barriers for owners transitioning to electric vehicles. This appointment is a key component of ZipCharge’s growth strategy as we rapidly move towards the on-sale date of the game-changing Go portable charger. It also boosts our ambitious plans to develop new products that will help transform the EV ecosystem, making electric vehicle ownership a possibility for everyone.  

“Mouve and its leadership team understand the challenges and opportunities of realising growth in the fast-evolving automotive industry and the shift to electrification and mobility. The team’s guidance and contribution as long-term advisors will be an essential building block in firmly establishing ZipCharge as a leader in the field of EV charging and smart energy management”

Jean-Francois Tremblay, Mouve and Co. co-founder “ZipCharge is a terrific business with a transformative product and a huge opportunity both for growth and to help more people be able to own and use electric vehicles. We are looking forward to helping support its growth strategy through investment and establishing what we know will be a hugely successful long-term partnership.”

Like Peloton and other hardware pioneers, ZipCharge will offer its hardware-as-a-service. Chargers will be available to purchase outright or on subscription for as little as £49 (€57) a month.

In the UK over 40% (8.5m) of car owners don’t have designated parking (on- or off-street), In London and dense metropolitan areas this increases to 65%. Source: English Housing Survey (2016) London Assembly Environment Committee (2018)

Inability to charge near or at home is the main reason to reject EVs. According to research, 38% of participants said they were not likely to buy an EV in the next five years, with 59% worried about being unable to charge at home. Source: Ofgem (2021)

Supporting the theory that access to charging is a significant barrier, 89% said they would be encouraged to make their next car purchase an EV if they were offered access to a parking space – on-street or at work – where they could charge their EV while it is parked. Source: Connected Kerb (2020)

The average daily commute by car in the UK and Europe is approximately 20 miles, with the average single car journey a little over 8 miles [Source: National Travel Survey 2019 (pre COVID-19), Eurostat passenger mobility studies carried out by EU Member States 2019]

About ZipCharge

ZipCharge are launching a range of powerful, smart portable chargers ranging from 4-8kWh in capacity

Simple charging from a domestic plug provides up to 20 – 40 miles of range at Level 2 (7.2kW)

It takes approximately 30 – 60 minutes to charge the vehicle depending on the battery capacity, vehicle efficiency etc

Bi-directional charging enables the ZipCharge Go to function as a local energy storage device and feed back into the grid when not in use

ZipCharge is creating the world’s first global portable EV charging network to serve a billion people with convenient and low-cost charging wherever they park. The company mission is to democratise EV charging by removing the main barrier to electric vehicle ownership. In the UK alone, 8.5 million or 40% of car owning households don’t have designated off-street parking and can’t charge at home. ZipCharge has developed a range of portable EV chargers that are compact, affordable, and connected, providing sufficient range for daily driving.

The chargers are designed to be simple to use for personal use at home, work and other destinations – anywhere a driver parks their car. The ZipCharge portable charging platform combines hardware, software, machine learning and innovative ownership models to make EV charging more affordable, convenient, and lower cost by utilising the charger as a local energy storage device to provide flexibility and resilience for the grid through the ZipCharge intelligent energy management system. For more information, please visit zipcharge.global

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