Transport government, planning and delivery in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Executive is the devolved power-sharing government of Northern Ireland for areas of public policy that have been devolved from the UK government (transport, health, justice/police, environment, housing and some taxation). In January 2017 the Executive collapsed after a political fall out. Since then government, with its 27,172 employees has continued, but the lack of an Executive […]

Transport government, planning and delivery in England

The Department for Transport (DfT) is the government ministerial department responsible for the English transport network and a limited number of transport matters in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that have not been devolved. Following devolution from 1998 onwards, devolved transport policies are the responsibility of the relevant administrations, assemblies and Parliaments, they are not scrutinised […]


Government – National and Local Government in the UK can appear complex, especially when related to transport, innovation and technology, as it cuts across many different departments and responsibilities – especially in England. Across the UK, a total of 556 agencies and bodies report to Government, usually through a Ministerial Department. The Prime Minister’s Office […]

Clean Air Zones

Clean air zones

Overview/framework Clean Air Zones (CAZ) bring together local measures to deliver immediate action to improve air quality and health with support for cities to grow while delivering sustained reductions in pollution and a transition to a low emission economy. The UK government’s framework sets out the principles for the operation of Clean Air Zones in England. It […]