Ultrasonic sound waves in the front line against van crime as ToolDefend launches

A survey from Allianz Insurance shows a 55% increase in tool theft over the last 5 years and a predicted rise up to 71% is looming on the horizon.

As van registrations rise and more people take the self-employed option, there are simply more targets for thieves to hit. It is a lucrative business for them.

Look into a trade van and you will see a whole array of power tools, treasured hand tools, compressors, air/hydraulic kits which is all very desirable and easy to sell and move on for cash.

It would not be unusual to see over £10,000 plus worth of equipment in the average van, and when you look at what is inside recovery vehicles, the value is considerably higher.

Consider the scenario if you were a tradesperson and how you would cope if you suddenly couldn’t go out to work because you had no tools – money, time, reputation, loss of contract – it all adds up to a difficult situation for all parties involved from the tradesmen and women to the client.

Fortunately, there is a new device which offers a solution; The ToolDefend alarm system manufactured by Amber Valley Developments – Europe’s largest manufacturer of vehicle reversing safety systems.

The ToolDefend system has been launched to protect livelihoods with a simple but highly effective alarm system. This cost-effective product was developed by TruckMinder to combat catalytic converter theft issue of a few years ago.

The TruckMinder anti-cat theft alarm was fitted out to a range of vehicles from panel vans right thru to London Buses and proved to be a very popular choice.

It is from this system that the ToolDefend product has been developed. A proven technology that does what it says, ToolDefend won a silver Innovation Award at the recent Plantworx show

The concept is simple – protect the doors! Central locking is easy to breach and gain access to a van, and there is no other protection, says Amber Valley Developments. Thieves don’t want the van so an immobiliser does not help. It is the tools they want.

Now they are going to increasing lengths to get them, including forcing open doors, or in some cases cutting the metal panels to gain access.

ToolDefend protects the doors with ultrasonic, sound wave detecting sensors – this is for side doors and rear doors. Any attempt to breach them will result in an alarm being triggered and a loud siren sounding.

This is particularly effective against skeleton keys and attempts to cut the van open.

This autonomous alarm system is separate to the vehicles alarm system. It is easy to fit, portable and features a remote arming system. Easy to use and an effective deterrent

“The simplicity of the system and the less than 1 hour install ensure a tradesperson’s vehicle can be protected easily. We’ve been really excited about ToolDefend’s development” says Amber Valley’s Geoff Reyner.

“The insurance industry is taking a keen look at this as a potential premium reducer. However, the main message to the trade is there is a product you can trust which will protect your tools.

“Strong locks and strong boxes are no deterrent to the vehicle being cut open, it needs an electronic solution such as ToolDefend. The system once installed, sits independently from the vehicles alarm. Something thieves won’t be anticipating”.

ToolDefend can be purchased directly thru Amber Valley amber-valley.com Contact Geoff Reyner on 07951 585171 or [email protected]

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