Pioneering infrastructure is the latest in a long line of green transport initiatives led by Worcestershire County Council

Worcestershire County Council is installing new sustainable bus shelters in Bromsgrove. Powered using a combination of wind turbines and solar panels, these will be the first shelters in the UK to be 100% ‘off grid’ and it is estimated that each shelter will save 3.6 metric tonnes of Carbon over 10 years.

Developed in partnership with the Council’s technology partners, 21st Century Passenger Systems and Etesian Green, each shelter will have real time passenger journey information displays and in-built lighting. They will also feature the first interactive transport information display to be powered by renewable energy.

This project directly supports several other transport and environmental initiatives from the Council. As well as helping to meet the Net Zero Carbon Plan, the shelters and interactive displays will connect the recently launched ‘Bromsgrove on Demand’, or BOD, transport service to the train station.

Councillor Alan Amos, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways and Transport, said: “It’s fantastic that we are going to be installing these state-of-the-art bus shelters in Bromsgrove.

“We were the first council to seriously investigate the potential for using renewable energy across our transport infrastructure and the first to install a solar-powered, real time passenger information display back in 2016.

“These new shelters will be great for passengers travelling on our buses as they will have real time information about services available right in front of them.”

21st Century

21st Century Passenger Systems, a division of Journeo plc, is the specialist provider of tailored passenger information solutions, including hardware and software for electronic passenger information systems, off-vehicle smart ticketing and wayfinding.

With over 20 years’ experience in the transport industry, Journeo specialises in providing innovative technology solutions to improve the passenger experience and provide operational benefits to fleet and network operators.  Comprised of a Fleet Systems team and a Passenger Systems team, Journeo provides integrated solutions both on and off the vehicle, and unites the two in order to create the complete connected journey.

Further information is available on or search for Journeo on LinkedIn and @JourneoPLC on Twitter.

Etesian Green

Etesian’s technologies serve urban and rural communities through renewable on and off grid energy generation. Small-scale vertical axis wind turbines and solar panels provide clean power for applications including lighting solutions, CCTV operations, and more…

With current fossil fuel reserves depleting and anthropogenic climate change becoming ever-more alarming, Etesian aims to integrate its vision to that of the commitment made by the 193 United Nation countries by helping to achieve sustainable societies. Through on and off-grid systems, powered solely by wind and solar energy, it can provide an alternative mitigation strategy. Etesian envisions streets, car parks, coastlines, city centres, farms and remote housing all benefiting from its service.

Etesian is developing its ability to connect to the grid in order to provide clean power for domestic use and support charging points for electric vehicles or devices such as mobile phones. It also seeks to provide key statistical data on energy savings, air quality, wind speeds and temperatures. For further information please contact: