Finnish street maintenance technology provider, Trombia Technologies, has revealed the world’s first fully autonomous and emission-free high-power street cleaning technology.

Not only is the machine radically-different in looks, it also uses air-blade and vortex technology to be efficient in street cleaning and energy consumption.

The company has developed a street cleaning technology that decreases the power consumption of high-power street dust and debris cleaning to only 15% of the currently available technologies.

Overview of the Trombia Free – using 15% less energy and is quiet and safe

This unlocks the potential for mass-electrification of the heavy street cleaning equipment.

This the first time in the world heavy equipment sector, that a diesel-fueled heavy equipment vehicle is electrified without compromising the power and performance capabilities.

How the Trombia Free is controlled and operated, along with charging

This is also the world’s first high performance street cleaning device that is built to be operated fully autonomous in all-weather conditions in the modern smart cities and industrial destinations.

Watch the full launch of Trombia Free – as it was streamed – with full details

The online launch was on the company’s website platform as well as on the social media platforms – Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube.