Five key areas are being targeted by the Traffic Commissioners (TC) for improvement during the next two years.

It includes being ready for transport innovations such as autonomous and electric vehicles, plus the integration of vans into the operator-licencing (O-Licencing) system and longer semi-trailers.

It comes as a government review into the TCs’ function starts

The details are set out in the TCs’ newly-published ‘Strategic Objectives’, covering:

The prime objectives of the Traffic Commissioners are:

Contained within this document are the ways in which the Traffic Commissioners will look to achieve them. A key task is to “ensure that the new relationship with DVSA delivers a licensing service, which is properly resourced to deliver the agreed performance levels.”

This comes after complaints about poor service levels from DVSA, which handles the day-to-day administration on behalf of the TCs. Failure to meet targets by the DVSA means that standards set by the Transport Secretary for the maximum period to determine applications and list public inquiries are not being met.