Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited (EAV), the Oxford-based sustainable zero-emissions transport manufacturers, present the first image of LINCS.  

An all-new British designed and engineered modular multipurpose lightweight vehicle designed to provide urban light commercial van capability linked to EAV’s eCargo vehicles.

“Positive disruption is needed right now”. commented Adam Barmby, CEO and Founder of EAV.  “The electrification of current fleets simply isn’t any kind of real solution. 

“We’ve comprehensively analysed the inefficiencies in the current transportation of goods and people.  We’re now developing clean sheet products to both counter and replace legacy products and operations and, in doing so, enable rapid positive change.  

“Ultimately, we’re disruptively transforming transport culture through fresh British innovation.  We’ll reveal more of LINCS, its customers and partners on 26 July.”

About EAV
Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited – or “EAV” – was set up in 2018 having started developing a unique four-wheel e-cargo bicycle concept almost two years before as part of a ‘Future Transport Vision’ based on light weight, environmental focus and simple efficiency.

We can all see where pollution has become a huge and worrying problem and, as a group of ex-F1 and aerospace engineers, EAV’s founders had looked at transport in detail and seen what was really needed to reduce emissions as well as what was simply inefficient.  So, EAV was formed to design and build lightweight, zero emissions vehicles including eCargo and personal transport vehicles to be manufactured in the UK.

EAV wanted to develop and manufacture vehicles that would become the cultural norm quite quickly.  Vehicles that were highly practical, easy to use but still had all the things you need to do the job – whether it’s deliveries or being a paramedic, electrician or policeman.  Adaptability and modularity were our two starting points for intelligent and innovatively considered design and engineering solutions.

EAV is now producing unique vehicles which include their own patented engineering and software applications.  The company has linked up with some key strategic and technical partners and is producing zero emissions vehicle that’s kind to the environment in as many ways as possible and with true eco-credentials but, at the same time, it does the job more efficiently than any legacy engineered van. 

From biodegradable composite bodywork to a simple-to-recycle mild steel or aluminium chassis and major componentry.  EAV has been considered as a safe and future-proof solution to urban, inter-urban and even rural zero emissions transport.

EAV are based at Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire.